Saturday, March 19, 2011

What was I THINKING?!?! 02-03 Bowman Signature Dajuan Wagner Auto/Jersey RC

As a collector for over 20 years, I've made plenty of boneheaded purchases over the years. Who hasn't? Chasing the next big thing is always a risk especially in baseball, but in basketball? It should be easy to see who's going to be a superstar and who will flame out right? WRONG?? Exhibit A: Dajuan Wagner. Here's a guy who out of New Jersey who scored 100 points in a high school game and averaged over 42 points in his senior season before going to Memphis for a season. His dad was also a pro basketball player, Milt Wagner. He was drafted by the Cavs with the 6th pick in the 1st round and comparisons were made to Allen Iverson, as it was thought Wagner would be the next super scoring machine in the league. That was enough for me to want to start collecting him, and one of the cards I had to get was his either his SPX Auto/Jersey RC or his Bowman Signature Auto/Jersey. I was determined to get this gem at any cost and jumped for joy when I got this card for $50.00. Yes that's right, $50 dollars. To be fair, it was the going price at the time, as it also carried a high beckett value of $100.00. Unlike the SPX
with the auto cut window, this was an actual on card auto and numbered to 999.
Wagner didn't set the world on fire, averaging  a little over 13 points per game in
his rookie season and then proceeding to be injury prone the rest of his short career.
He tried making a comeback with the Warriors but it did not pan out. Rumors are
he's trying again to make a comeback, but this is a card that doesn't even sell for
.99 cents much less $50 bucks. In fact I sold mine in a huge lot, since I knew I couldn't
sell it on its own. So yeah, $50 dollars for a Dajuan Wagner rookie card....WHAT WAS I

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