Saturday, March 19, 2011

Close But No Cigar: 97-98 Topps Rock Stars Refractor Anfernee Hardaway

Narrowing your favorite cards to a Top 100 list is a very challenging and daunting task. There were so many contenders, that were worthy of making the list, that I want to showcase some of them as almost of a honorable mention post during the weekend. I will give my reasons why the card was in consideration of making the countdown and why it ultimately did not make it. The insert set for this card should look familiar as  the Michael Jordan from this set was ranked #95. This is the refractor version of that set.

Why this card was considered: Obviously because of my love for 90's insert sets, especially this set, and of course it's of my favorite player. Also unlike the MJ, this is a tougher pull as like I said, it is the refractor version.

Why this card ultimately didn't make the cut: One of the many factors I try to factor in is duplicate insert sets. When looking at my cards at and what would be the final list, I thought it was appropriate for there to be only one Rock Star on the countdown. I'm pretty sure if the card was top 150 or top 200 it'd make it for sure, but at the end despite it being
a harder pull than the MJ, I still prefer the MJ over the Hardaway by a small

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