Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Top 100 Cards of My Collection-#96 98-99 E-X Century Dunk'N Go Nuts Anfernee Hardaway

Not every card has to be serial numbered, autographed, or have a piece of memorabilia, sometimes all it takes is a little innovation to make a card stand out and when it came to the E-X Century sets Fleer put out, they nailed this to perfection. From the super rare and highly desirable Jambalaya to even the easier find inserts like Gravity Denied, the E-X series in basketball had some of the coolest insert designs ever created. My personal favorite is the Dunk'N Go Nuts from the 98-99 set. The card really is cooler in person than on the scan. This insert combined inspiration from the Dunkin' Donuts brand (including a clever play on the name) and used clear acetate stock to create a memorable if not somewhat controversial insert set (I believe I read that Dunkin' Donuts sued Fleer over this set because of the obvious take off of their trademark). You combine this set with my favorite player of all time and it's a match made in heaven. The odds aren't too tough to pull (1:36) but like many 90's insert sets they still sell very well, in fact last I checked this card books at $6 yet I paid $20.00 for this card. Of course being graded a 9.5 might have had a factor in the price I paid, but overall it's just such a slick looking card, I could not pass this up. So who says a card has to be worth hundreds or
more to be considered great? This $6 card looks like a million bucks to me.


  1. This is actually one of the sets I'm putting together. I do not have the Hardaway yet, which is weird since Hardaway is one of my favs to collect. That is quiet the gem. I'm jealous.

    Many of the Hardaway cards sell for over book value regardless of grading. Kinda like Kemp.

  2. I know it about Hardaway, a lot of hardcore Penny fans out there. I'd really love to get the MJ Dunk'N Go Nuts, but it always goes real high as well

  3. This is an awesome set... any acetate card from the 90's rates high in my book. Keep 'em comin'!