Saturday, March 26, 2011

NCAA Bracket Recap-Sweet 16

The Slipper Fits-60 pts
Deaks Ballin Bracket-56 pt
Don't Steal Sting's Cheerios-53 pts
The Legend of Dyron Nix-52 pts
Roberts-51 pts
Wrestling's Man Bracket-49 pts  
Brad -46 pts
I Win!-45 pt
No Clue-42 pts

What an awesome and unpredictable tournament it's been so far! 3 of the #1 seeds are gone. VCU is still chuggin along beating Florida St in OT and is in the Elite 8 while Duke got blown out by Derrick Williams and Arizona, and Ohio State lost to Kentucky thanks to a Brandon Knight game winner with seconds left in the game. Florida's in thanks to an OT win against BYU as Jimmer Ferdette showed the world he's actually human by going 3-15 from 3's. Butler survived a late scare from Wisconsin to go to their 2nd straight Elite 8 and UConn took care of San Diego State. Kansas and UNC cruised to their victories. So how are those brackets now??? Mine's officially done and i'm so done I might lose to Kristen who didn't even pick a National Championship winner. Kenny once again took over #1 and his gutsy Kentucky pick over Ohio State has him in pretty good shape to win it all. He has Kentucky in the Final Four so he'll really need them to beat UNC. He lost Duke in his Championship game but still has Kansas winning it all so he's still a viable contender for the title. Deaks is pretty much all but done but he's in 2nd for now. He lost 3 of his final four team in this round, Ohio State, Duke, and Wisconsin, and had Duke winning it all. His only chance at a respectable finish is getting Kansas in the championship game. Drew is the darkhorse to win it all, he too went with Kentucky, and he has the sleeper pick in UNC winning it all. He's the only one who has them in the finals so if he controls his own destiny to win it all. He has UNC and Kansas in the championship game and both are still alive and have great shots at meeting at the end. I'm 4th, but it's all smoke and mirrors. I have UConn in the final 4 and that's it for me, Pittsburgh, Norte Dame, and Ohio State are all out and I had a Ohio State-Pitt final with Ohio State winning it all. More than likely I'll finish last or 2nd to last. Ricky's 5th and though he lost Duke in the championship game, he does have both Florida and Kansas reaching the final four and Kansas winning it all, so he still has a shot as well. Now that I see it, I think Bill is destined for last. What a change a round makes. From 1st to last, because he has zero final four teams left. He had already lost Notre Dame and Pitt and lost San Diego State and Ohio State in the Sweet 16. Brad had San Diego State in the championship game, but still has UNC and his pick Kansas. Kristen has Kansas left out of her final four teams, but no championship winner. Ryan's pretty much done as well. He has Kansas in the final four but had San Diego State and Ohio State in the final four and his championship game is done. The game to watch will be UNC-Kentucky, that will separate the contenders even more. We'll what happens this weekend in the Elite 8!

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