Saturday, March 19, 2011

NCAA Bracket Recap End of Day 3

Wrestling's Man Bracket-37 pts     
Deaks Ballin Bracket-36pt
The Slipper Fits-34 pts
Roberts-33 pts
I Win!-31 pt
The Legend of Dyron Nix-30pts
Brad -30 pts
No Clue-30 pts
Don't Steal Sting's Cheerios-29 pts

Well here is where brackets start to get busted. First of all I have neverrrrr ever seen a game end like the one between Pitt and Butler. You have got to be KIDDING ME. That killed my bracket as I had Pitt in the National Championship game. How bout the double OT thriller that San Diego State and Temple had? Also another tournament fave Kansas St. was bounced by Wisconsin. So Bill keeps his lead and is in 1st place all by himself. Bill like most lost Pitt in his final four, but has been excellent at picking so far and the rest of his bracket looks to be in strong shape. Deaks is 2nd and is actually looking really good with his Wisconsin pick. I believe he's the only one who has them advancing far and he's put them in the final four which could bode well in the upcoming rounds. As of right now, he has yet to lose a major team in his bracket. Kenny is 3rd with his 34 pts, he too lost Pitt in his final four. Ricky is 4th with 33 pts, he lost Pitt in his elite 8, but his final four remains in tact for now. Kristen is next with 31 pts also losing Pitt in her Elite 8, but all four of her final four are intact. A three way tie between me, Brad, and Ryan. Me and Ryan got the worst of the deal, both of us had Pitt in the Championship game, while Brad survived a scare and could've had half his final four gone. Brad  has San Diego State in the National Championship game, but did lose Pitt in his final four. Drew brings up last place with 29 pts and he also lost Pitt in his final four. Tomorrow we'll find out the remaining 8 teams in the Sweet Sixteen and see if Bill can keep a stronghold on the 1st place lead.

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