Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Let the Tournament BEGINNNNNNNN!

Tomorrow begins the real March Madness, as the field of 64 will be set in stone after tonight's last two play in games. I've got a group with some friends on Yahoo and here on Sports Cards and Memories I'll be keeping our progress updated to see who the winner of this year's bracket will be. There will be 9 of us vying for the #1 slot.

The Teams

The Legend of Dyron Nix (Yours Truly)
Wrestling's Man Bracket (Bill)
No Clue (Ryan)
The Slipper Fits(Kenny)
Roberts (Ricky)
I Win! (Kristen)
Don't Steal Sting's Cheerios(Drew)
Brad (Brad)
Deaks Ballin Bracket (Brandon "Deaks")

I will be updating how our group is doing throughout the tournament. Good luck to everyone on their brackets!

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