Thursday, March 24, 2011

Top 100 Cards of My Collection-#90 07-08 Topps Trademark Moves In the Paint Triple Patch KG/Duncan/Dirk

I dunno, there was something about this card when I saw it on Ebay that made me wanna have it. The player selection is great, three of the greatest players of this era, and it's numbered to 25 so it's a little tough to find. I think I really like this card because the patches featured are All Star Patches, not just any normal regular jersey patches. All three are multi-colored patches as well. There are regular run of the mill jersey swatch versions of the cards in the In the Paint set, but the patch parallel is where the set really shines. You can't go wrong with a triple patch of future Hall of Famers at #90 on my countdown.

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