Monday, March 21, 2011

NCAA Bracket Recap End of Day 4

Wrestling's Man Bracket-45 pts    
Deaks Ballin Bracket-44 pt 
The Slipper Fits-44 pts
The Legend of Dyron Nix-40pts
 Roberts-39 pts
Brad -38 pts
No Clue-38 ptsI Win!-37 pt
Don't Steal Sting's Cheerios-37 pts

Well yesterdays games proved to further mess up everyone's brackets as there were yet another rash of upset destined to drive everyone crazy. Syracuse, Purdue, Notre Dame, and Texas were eliminated yesterday, while surprise VCU who all the experts cried shouldn't have made the tournament to begin with, blew out Georgetown and Purdue in back to back games. Marquette defeated Syracuse and Florida State crushed Notre Dame. UNC and Duke both survived their matchups just barely while Ohio State continued to look dominant. So taking a look at the Bracket, Bill leads again but took a big blow losing Syracuse in the Elite 8 and having Notre Dame in the Championship game. Brandon and Kenny are tied for 2nd at 44 pts apiece. The upsets didn't really mess up Kenny, he still has 3 of his four in the final four, while Brandon lost Syracuse in the Elite 8 but still has his final four intact making a prime contender for the bracket title. I'm in 4th with 40 pts, and I lost another final four team in Notre Dame, I had lost Pittsburgh already in my championship game. I too lost Syracuse in my Elite 8. Ricky is 5th with 39 pts, but still has his final four intact as well. Ryan and Brad are tied for 6th. Ryan lost both Notre Dame and Syracuse in his Elite 8 but still has 3 of four in the final four. Brad just lost Notre Dame in his Elite and still has 3 of his 4 in the final four. Kristen and Drew are tied for 8th and last place. Kristen is all but done, because combined with no pick in the championship game she lost Syracuase and Notre Dame in her Elite 8 and lost Texas in her final four. Drew lost Texas so is down to North Carolina and Kansas as his final two teams who he picked to face each other in the National Championship game. We'll see what happens in the Sweet 16 starting Thursday night and see where everyone stands then.

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