Friday, March 18, 2011

End of Week Thoughts, Weekend Postings, Countdown to resume Monday

I never thought that I would actually become a blogger, I mean it's crossed my mind and being an avid reader of many of the sports card blogs out there, I always thought it would be fun, but I always thought maybe the trouble wouldn't be worth the effort, but after a week, I can say that it definitely is and it's a ton of fun. I just wanted to create a simple blog to share my collection and thoughts on the hobby and on sports in general, no bells and whistles, and to me if at least one person read my blog, that would be ok with me. But it's been awesome to see many fellow collectors who either here or on facebook have told me how much they've enjoyed my blog so far and for that I appreciate it. I would really like to thank Charles at Hoopography, Fuji of the Chronicles of Fuji and Michael over at Hupe Royalty who have been really supportive of my blog and have welcomed me into the blogging community with open arms. I really appreciate it and to my followers and to the other members of blogging community, thank you as well. Trust me, the ride has just begun. I thought it would be cool have the countdown be a weekday thing, and use the weekend to start other hobby related series. Here are few series I am working on

What Was I Thinking???-This will focus on some of my dumber and more mindboggling purchases that I have made throughout my collecting career. We alllllllll have em!!

Starting Lineup Spotlight-Focuses on a former hobby of mine, which was collecting starting lineup figures

Close but No Cigar-Cards that did not make my top 100 countdown

Game Used and Autograph Memorablia-Focuses on the autographs and game used stuff in my collection.

Mailday Mania!-Anything I get in from Ebay or any of the auction houses

And more, plus to bring a little more personal stuff, I'll be posting about my fantasy baseball, and basketball leagues as time permits. I really hope you have enjoyed my blog so far and remember like I said, you ain't seen nothin yet! I hope you enjoy some of my new series during the weekend, as for the countdown we will pick up at #93 on Monday!

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