Thursday, March 17, 2011

NCAA Bracket Recap End of Day 1

The Slipper Fits-13 pts
I Win!-12 pts
Deaks Ballin Bracket-12 pts
The Legend of Dyron Nix-11pts
Wrestling's Man Bracket-11pts
Roberts-11 pts
Brad -11 pts
No Clue-10 pts
Don't Steal Sting's Cheerios-10 pts

What a great 1st day of opening matchups, that saw one big upset in Moorehead St taking Louisville, and almost saw another with Princeton losing at the end to Kentucky, not to mention the exciting finishes of Temple/Penn State, Butler/Old Dominion, and Vanderbilt/Richmond. How bout UCLA blowing a 23 pt lead and barely escaping with a 2 pt lead against Michigan State? Hopefully this is the beginning of a great tournament. So after the 1st day of games how are the brackets in my group doing? Kenny Bybee leads the pack as he only got 3 games wrong on Day 1. Losing Louisville might sting a little since he had them advancing to the Sweet 16. Kristen is tied with Deaks for 2nd with 12 pts but unfortunately she forgot to pick a National Championship Winner, putting her in a big disadvantage to winning the whole thing. She also had Louisville in the Sweet 16. Deaks as well had Louisville in the sweet 16 and still in prime contention for the #1 spot. Me, Bill, Brad, and Ricky all are tied with 11 pts. I tried to go cute and pick an upset with Belmont and of course that didn't work, and I had Vanderbilt in the sweet 16. Brad unfortunately had Utah State and Louisville in the sweet 16 and St. John's in the Elite 8 which will put him in a huge disadvantage. Bill had Louisville in the sweet 16 (what a recurring theme). Ricky had Utah State and yep Louisville in the sweet 16. Ryan and Drew round off the bottom with 10 pts. Drew was one of the rare guys in our bracket that went with Clemson over  West Virginia  and also Belmont over Wisconsin and he too has Louisville in the Sweet 16. Ryan had surprise surprise Louisville in the Sweet 16 but also had Belmont going that far too. There is still plenty of games left to go but congrats to Kenny for a terrific start and we'll see what happens tomorrow. Hopefully tomorrow will be just as thrilling as today!

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