Monday, March 28, 2011

Top 100 Cards of My Collection-#88 2005 Leaf Limited Lettermen Ladainian Tomlinson

Here's another variation of the game used patch. Lettermen take each individual letter  (usually the last name on the back of the players jerseys, but sometime the team name in the front as well) of the game used jersey and insert each of them on a card as shown here with card #88 on my countdown. It seems like Logoman cards are more valuable, but I perfer Game Used Lettermen actually. This card comes from 2005 Leaf Limited and features the L of a game used Tomlinson jersey. Naturally it's numbered to 9 (this one is 4/9) since that's how many letters are in Tomlinson's last name. Of course now a days you have to be careful because companies like to produce manufactured letter cards in almost every product they come out with and since they look exactly like the game used counterparts it can become a little confusing. Lettermen are definitely a unique twist in patch cards and that's one of the reasons (oh yeah the other being LT is a future Hall of Famer) that this is one of my favorite cards.

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